clean water project


2000 Water Filters in 2 years

With a great need recognized by HOI and the St. Andrews Honduras Mission Team, HOI made clean water a priority project in 2016 and has a goal to deliver 2000 water filters in 2 years through St. Andrews and other U.S. mission teams. We were able to bring 500 water filters to the Agalta Valley, Honduras in July 2016. We are amazed at how God has multiplied the gift of 5 filters. 

Our 2017 Plan

Our New Port Richey Campus mission team plans to travel to southern Honduras known as the dry zone where some communities don't have access to water at all in October 2017. Our Dunedin campus mission team would like to deliver more filters to the Agalta Valley, Honduras in July 2017. Our goal is to drill a well for $12,000 to $15,000 (875 ft deep) in southern Honduras and provide 500 families with a Sawyer water filter between both locations. 

In Awe of What God is Doing

This is a modern day “Feeding of the 5000” story. It started with compassion and the gift of 5 water filters and God is multiplying it through this church, local Presbyterian churches, Sawyer water filters, friends, family, and even strangers! I am literally in awe with what God is doing in Honduras through this church.



  • Serve


    There are number of different ways you can serve through the Clean Water Project. Or, we can help you find additional areas for you to serve and make a difference. Use your gifts to help advance our mission as a church and to reach more people for Christ. Serve today!

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  • Make a Donation

    You can make a difference right now by making a donation to the Clean Water Project. The "go fund me" page makes it easy for you to make a gift to advance the mission and make a difference in the lives of many.

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  • Clean Water Mission Trips

    Ready to serve on a Clean Water Project mission team? We'll insure you are equipped and find the right opportunities to use your gifts... contact us to get started.

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