new member class


Interested in Membership?

To orient a person to the life and work of St. Andrews, we have created a new member's class called Exploring the Faith. This class has been designed to help people learn about and express their Christian faith and is offered six times per year.

The class "explores" the Christian faith, your personal journey of faith, and this particular church. You will get to spend time with the pastor and elders. After the class, you will be asked to share your personal faith, visit with the elders of the church, and be introduced to the congregation. New Christians will be baptized at this time.

Church membership is important. As one pastor explains it, membership:

Identifies a person as a genuine Christian.
Provides a spiritual family to support and encourage them in their faith.
Gives them a place to discover and use their gifts to help God’s mission in this world.
Places them under the spiritual protection of wise and faithful leaders.
Gives them the accountability they need to grow in faith.


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