It is no accident you are here! God has led you to explore this church. That is awesome!

If you are looking for peace in your life right now, know that many have come to this church and met God here and found it. You may see the Christians here and wonder how to have what they have. 

If you are looking for a church home, but have not yet found one, look no further. You've come home. You're next step is to simply begin worshiping and serving with your new family.

Come visit us… we’ll be expecting you and look forward to journeying with you.

John Fullerton 
Lead Pastor




The following is a typical Sunday morning lineup.

9:00 am
Coffee and sweets in the “Soul Café” This allows people to gather before we worship with a cup of Starbucks in hand

9:30 am
Contemporary Worship Service This service has full worship band with drums, guitars and multimedia presentation

10:30 am
Coffee and sweets in the “Soul Café” This allows people from both Sunday services to visit together

11:00 am
Traditional Worship Service Same message but different style. This service features a choir, pipe organ and timeless hymns.



Driving Directions

From the North (Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Chicago) Take U.S. 19 or Belcher south to Curlew Road, go right (west) on Curlew until County Road 1, turn left (south). Go to first stop light and turn right (west) on Michigan Boulevard. Go 1.25 miles and church is on left.

From the South (Clearwater. Largo, St. Petersburg) Take U.S. 19 or Belcher north to 580 (Main Street in Dunedin), go left (west) until County Road 1, turn right (north). Go 1.27 miles and turn left (west) on Michigan Boulevard. Go 1.25 miles and church is on left.

From the East (Oldsmar, Tampa) Take West Hillsborough Road (580) east. This turns into Tampa Road. Where Tampa Road and Curlew Road split in Oldsmar, take Curlew Road west. Go four miles on Curlew Road to County Road 1 and turn left (south). Go to first stop light and turn right (west) on Michigan Boulevard. Go 1.25 miles and church is on left.

From the West (Caledesi Island or Texas) Kick, paddle, paddle… come ashore, walk .3 miles east on Michigan Boulevard. Church is on right.

We are a Florida church with lots of grass. Park in the paved parking spaces or in the grass. Note that there is more parking behind the Worship Center than in front. Handicapped spaces are well marked.


What to Expect

We want you to feel right at home when you visit. We know what’s it’s like to visit a new place with people you haven’t met. In order to make this the best possible experience for you, we want you to know what to expect. We will go out of our way to:

Be clear about Jesus.

Present as clear a picture as we can of the positive, hopeful, life-changing message of Jesus Christ Make sure you feel welcome. Our commitment is to make sure you feel accepted, valued and never judged. 

Make what you wear a non-issue.

You will be dressed perfectly. Jesus cares about you, not your clothes. We feel the same way. Let you be anonymous We won’t single you out or make you feel awkward. We’ll introduce ourselves, but not be pushy.

Talk in words that make sense.

We won’t talk in “Bible talk” (thee, thou…) and if we use special words, we’ll carefully explain them.

Not pressure you to give NO guilt.

Believe it or not, we don’t care whether you give money. You are our welcome guest today.

Take care of your children.

We are as nuts about the safety and care of your children as we are about Jesus.

Love you.

God loves you and because of that you will be loved here.




Ministries for children and youth are provided during 9:30 worship service on Sunday and Youth Bible study takes place at 11:00.


Our professionally staffed nursery is available for children from birth through age three/four from 8:30 am until12:15 pm.

Elementary Age Students

9:30 Orange Club

Orange Club is our elementary age Sunday school program.  The  Scripture-centered curriculum combines engaging videos, and large and small group activities, that touch on key issues that are relevant for the age group.  Orange Club takes place in Kirk Hall every Sunday from 9:30 to 10:30 am. Parents can sign children in and out in Kirk Hall.  

11:00 Children's Programs

ASL (American Sign Language) Class for all elementary and middle school age children is offered in Kirk Hall from 11:00 am - 12.

*Note to Parents

All elementary age children are required to be signed in and out by a parent which gives us permission to take your child to the children's activities. At the end of the activity, when we release children to their parents, another signature is required. The sign-in sheet for Sunday is at the entrance to Kirk Hall.

Middle and High School Age Students

Middle School and High School youth attend 9:30 worship together and enjoy fellowship between the services in the Soul Cafe. Youth Bible Study is offered for Middle and High School Youth combined beginning a 11:00 am and concluding at 12:00 pm. 

For additional information about children and youth ministries, email us or call the church office at (727) 734-5493.


Support Ministries


The Business Commission does budgeting, finance, payroll, short-term planning, and assures efficient operations.  

Business ministry roles and “goals”

Establish and Maintain Standards. Because of the potential for misconduct, extra care will be taken to ensure that responsible management of church funds takes place. This will include the ongoing refinement of ethical standards for handling funds.
Teach Biblical Stewardship. The business leaders will also take leadership roles in educating members on what it means to manage the resources of life—money, possessions, talents, time—in ways consistent with God’s desires found in Scripture.
Mission-Minded Business Leaders. Business leaders will be those who love Jesus and seek to explore how money can bless the lives of others. Creative application of money principles for mission work, such as how to create funds for capitalizing the poor to help them break out of poverty through entrepreneurial work, will flow from the mission-minded business leaders.
Give Minimum of 10% of Annual Budget to Mission. We will make sure that the principle of the tithe is a minimum standard for the entire church. 
Clear Communication. The business leaders will produce clear communications, whether verbal, written or electronic, to allow members to know exactly how the church handles funds and to allow leaders to manage the areas entrusted to them.

Ministry Leader: Earle Brown

For more information on the business commission, email us or call the church office at (727) 734-5493.


Personnel is in charge of hiring, benefits, evaluations and compensation.

Personnel ministry Roles and “Goals”

Passionate, Creative, Innovative. Getting the right people “on the bus” is the key to leadership in general and with the staff in particular. St. Andrews needs progressive people who are not afraid to try new things in new ways. St. Andrews needs innovative people whose creativity and energy keeps us moving. St. Andrews needs theologically evangelical leaders to fit the profile of the church. 
Core Ministries Full-Time Directors. At the lead position of each of the core ministries will be a director who has a passion for the ministry on which they serve.
Appropriate Administrative Support. To support workflow of multiple directors and other staff, personnel will be asked to provide adequate infrastructure in the way of office space and administrative personnel.

Ministry Leader: Christine Schlerf

For more information on the Business Commission, email us or call the church office at (727) 734-5493.


The property ministry is tasked with maintenance and improvement of the buildings and grounds as well as providing for custodial duties.

Property Commission Roles and “Goals”

Facilities that Exude Warmth and Invitation.The buildings and all their contents will also be constantly reviewed with “fresh eyes” to see what changed are needed to not only exude warmth and invitation to guests, but also to make them appealing and functional to members. 
State of the Art Worship Center. We must “compete” with other venues the public attends such as Ruth Eckerd Hall. Like it or not, those are the standards of excellence in this community. We want to communicate excellence as a church in our various “performances,” thus the need an updated, state of the art worship center.
New Multipurpose Building. The property commission, working with the Joshua Commission, will participate and/or oversee the construction of a fully-functional multipurpose building. This building will accommodate church wide fellowship events, classrooms, Apple Seeds, kitchen, prayer center, and church offices. 
Inviting and Updated Grounds. The landscaping and parking will be constantly reviewed with “fresh eyes” to see what changes are needed to make the church inviting for guests on campus.

Ministry Leader: Les Carroll

For more information about property, email us or call the church office at (727) 734-5493.