St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
Friday, August 29, 2014

If You Need Help

If you are in need as you read this, perhaps we can help.  Notice three options to choose from on the right (and above). 
  • Prayer.  Maybe you need to know that others care about your burdens and are willing to speak to God for you.  We have an active prayer ministry.  When you click you can submit a confidential request and people who love the Lord will go to Him for your needs.
  • Meet With You.  Maybe you need a live person to speak with about your life.  While we are not trained counselors, we do have a group of trained caregivers who meet with people one-to-one.  The ministry is called Stephen Ministry.
  • Community Resources.  Maybe you don't even know the services that are available in this area to help people in need.  This link gives you places to turn.