St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stories of Faith

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St Andrews is my "home base" for spiritual worship, learning, and connecting with other Christians. The teachings are biblical and I love to meet with the other ladies in the weekday bible studies. We are blessed to have such unity and love.
Leslie Helmer King
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 2009
This church provide everything a person could want: spiritual growth; a caring, God-fearing, outreaching church; a church family of believers that care for each other; and pastors that continually charge us to slow down and reach out.
Greg Nichols
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 2008
St. Andrews is a place where God's love is demonstrated daily. We take care of those in need and life relationships are made. The Bible is taught here and we grow as Christians, living our walk.
Pam Campbell
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 1994
Sherrill Roberson, friend/member, invited me to St. Andrews. I truly enjoyed my visit and said I would return; I did not.  I joined St. Andrews on December 28th and I was reborn. St. Andrews has helped me understand what it means to have God and fellowship in my life; I never again want to be without either.
Maggie Chambers
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 2008
I wanted my children to know religion. I hadn't been to church since I was a child. One meeting with Pastor John and I knew that God had called us to this church. We love it here! Who knew that going to church also meant you gained a whole new family!
Lynda Williams
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 2008
I believe that our church is joyful, spiritual, comforting, humorous, supportive, exciting, educational, filling, fair, empathetic, open-minded, caring, hopeful, knowledgeable, seasoned, fresh, innovative, traditional, contemporary, faithful, loving, extraordinary, and alive.
Ron Marston
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 1995

St. Andrews is one big family.  Everyone cares about and supports each other.  What better way to worship our Lord than together!
Karen Woody
Worshiping at St. Andrews since she was born
(She's a young mother now)
St. Andrews accepts you where you are in your life. I have matured so much as a Christian because of the love and support I received from the people here.
Jayne Dowdy
Worshipping at St. Andrews since 1991

The first time I went to St. Andrews I felt love as soon as I walked through the doors.  Everyone made me feel like I was part of a family and not alone anymore.
Judy Hallford
Worshipping at St. Andrews since May 2007

I love St. Andrews for the warmth and friendliness of the people they are like family. I love the study groups like the Disciple Class with Carol and Pastor Johns sermons.
Evelyn Imlah
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 1984

Worshiping regularly, with great friends, good choir, superb organist and pipe-organ strengthens my faith and desire to try to use what talent God provided me helping others find Christ Jesus.
Chuck Carter
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 1972

St. Andrews is like home to me, warm and loving like family. Good pastors  have come and gone but the church's good strong fellowship, with God, carry on.
Jan Carter
Worshipping since 1958 (Charter Member)

We are "the snowbirds" and Howard and I have been coming to St. Andrews 10 years. Reason:  Pastor John and his making us feel so much at home. Now we have Pastor Norm and he is just great.  Much Thanks.
Howard and  Sally Young
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 1998

The faith blossom that has occurred at St. Andrews over the last 13 years is inspirational.  Seeing it lived out by my children and the youth is breathtaking and moving.
Brian Campbell
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 1994
Being members at St Andrews since 2000, our warmest thoughts with our church family have been in the last three years but even more so within the last year.  Thank you all.
Lona and Krista Blue (mother and daughter)
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 2000

How do I count the many ways of Christian love I've experienced through St. Andrews for nearly half a century?  Yes, I'm one of the early members way back in the '60's who (together with my late husband Edwin) was a recipient of such love over the years from the pastors and, in par-ticular, the Presbyterian Women, who strengthened my faith.  GO, ST. ANDREWS!    
"Gunni" Gunhilde Johnson Manson (Mrs. Edwin C.)
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 1960

I love St. Andrews, where I can grow spiritually in a friendly and holy spirit-led environment.  I love John & family and Norm and Phyllis.
Jack Beebe
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 1976

I love worshipping at St. Andrews! Praise God for sending us Pastor John and Pastor Norm. Everyone is so friendly I am making lots of new friends. Also, the Praise Band is amazing!  Is there anywhere else to be on Sunday morning??
Sue Koutsourais
Worshiping since 1994

The true spirit of joyful worship is evident in this church. I most appreciate the friendly, happy, and supportive pastors and congregation.
Clark Beurlen
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 2006.

I love seeing my church family and especially love when my family and friends are there worshipping with me. I can feel God smiling on us all! St Andrews brings me to that sacred place of worship each week!
Kelli J. Edwards
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 1998

St Andrews is my family. Many have been grandparents to my children and to other children, and that is sooo special. When you walk in you feel warm and loved. I have visited many other churches and there is not one like St. Andrews.  I get to here that from other people that visit also. We are so blessed at St. Andrews also to have our pastors and staff. They truly care.
Carol Walker
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 1998

What we love about St. Andrews:  At St. Andrews people can really be themselves and love one other because it isn’t about us, it’s about Jesus.
Marcus and Ginny Ingram
Worshiping at St. Andrew’s since 2006

There are people here who live their faith so thoroughly that they are a constant inspiration to me. St. Andrews is the spiritual family that keeps me centered.
Kelly King
Worshiping at St.  Andrews since 2001

I love the warm, friendly people who care about each other and their community.  We are blessed with a dedicated staff and two wonderful pastors, helping us to grow spiritually.   
Carol Krueck
Worshiping at St. Andrews since 1995
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