St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Handicapped FAQ

Is there handicapped parking?
Yes.  We have well marked parking spots in front of Kirk Hall (the original sanctuary). We also have parking spots in front of and behind the Worship Center. The spots in front of the Worship Center are closest to the elevator, but they are not paved.  Feel free to load and unload in front of the elevator and then park.
Can a person in a wheelchair access your worship services?
Yes.  The Worship Center has an elevator as well as a wheelchair ramp that both take you into the lobby leading right into the sanctuary.  The sanctuary has spaces dedicated for wheelchair parking.  

Are mentally challenged people welcome?
Yes, although we have limited capacity to provide care presently.  
Are you prepared to provide care for mentally challenged children?
We have special needs school teachers in our congregation and some parents with special needs children, so we have some resources.  However, we have not established a full program to care for mentally challenged children at this time.

Do your restrooms in the worship center meet ADA standards?
They were built to the standards that were in place in 1985. 

Do you have interpreting for the deaf?
It has been discussed and we are willing, but no one has yet to inquire with the need.

Do you have hearing assist units available for those with difficulty hearing?