St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, September 02, 2014

What Should I Expect

We want you to feel right at home when you visit.  We know what’s it’s like to visit a new place with people you haven’t met.  In order to make this the best possible experience for you, we want you to know what to expect.  We will go out of our way to:
Be clear about Jesus
Present as clear a picture as we can of the positive, hopeful, life-changing message of Jesus Christ
Make sure you feel welcome
Our commitment is to make sure you feel accepted, valued and never judged.  
Make what you wear a non-issue
You will be dressed perfectly.  Jesus cares about you, not your clothes.  We feel the same way.
Let you be anonymous
We won’t single you out or make you feel awkward.  We’ll introduce ourselves, but not be pushy.
Talk in words that make sense
We won’t talk in “Bible talk” (thee, thou…) and if we use special words, we’ll carefully explain them.
Not pressure you to give
No guilt. Believe it or not, we don’t care whether you give money.  You are our welcome guest today.
Take care of your children
We are as nuts about the safety and care of your children as we are about Jesus.
Love you
God loves you and because of that you will be loved here.