St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, September 02, 2014
On these pages you will find information to help you understand the heart of the church.  Like most churches, individual views about the Christian faith vary. Most at St. Andrews, however, would readily agree that these pages capture our heart well.  Click around and check it out.
  • Our Theology.  This narrative summary of our faith does not say everything we believe, but it says some essential realities we believe.
  • Why We Exist.  We think God has established us as a church for reasons explained here.
  • What We Value. Through conversations and surveys, we found certain themes were important to us as a people.
  • Five Expectations.  We are clear with our members that being a Christian involves at least these five realities. 
  • Our Commitment to Maturity. Whatever else maturity as a Christian may mean, we think it at least ought to look like what is shown here.
  • Dreams for the Future.  One of our lead pastor's role is to speak out God's vision that he has been given.  These are dreams God has given Pastor John for this church. 
  • Position Statements. From racism to AIDS to human sexuality, the leaders of this church have gathered from time to time to express biblical and loving responses to various issues.